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High Definition Quick Facts
  • February 2009 the US will shut down analog broadcast signals
  • Broadcasters will be required to deliver all programming digitally
  • High Definition is fast emerging as the common digital format
  • HD offers more than twice the resolution of Standard Definition
  • Prime time TV and a growing number of feature films use HD
  • HD is ideal for documentaries including theatrical-release
  • HD requires new production and post work paths

From sports programming to theatrical releases, popular dramas to reality television, High Definition is today’s format of choice.

A large and increasing number of North American broadcasters and distributors require HD deliverables, and international demand for HD is skyrocketing. Now, more than ever, producers, directors, production and post-production personnel must be up-to-speed on this new and rapidly evolving technology. But inexperience with High Definition’s complex production and post-production work paths can turn your creative dream into a technical nightmare.

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